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The essay refers to the small piece of writing, which is written on a particular topic. It is a formally written academic paper. The essay is a great platform for a writer to make his or her message and viewpoints reach the public. An essay is written on a particular topic and writers give their argument on the same via this paper. An experienced writer knows what type of essay is to be written by interpreting the topic. There are several types of essays:-

  1. Narrative Essay: – It aims to narrate a story in a way that it keeps readers hooked to it. This type of essay is written to provide entertainment, to offer instructions, to provide insights, etc.
  2. Descriptive essay: – As the name suggest, description is given of an object, place, thing, people, etc. It is described using sensory details.
  3. Comparison/contrast essay: – It tells about one or more subjects by writing about the similarities and differences of the same. This type of essay can be written on subjects like object, people, places, events, ideas, experiences, and compare and contrast them according to specific points.
  4. Cause and effect essay: – It explains why things happen in a certain way.

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